Helpful Handouts

Wet Sock Treatment
An old naturopathic bedtime treatment to reduce head & chest congestion.

A list of average protein content in different foods.

Protein Shake
Basic recipe for a simple morning protein shake.

Nasal Lavage
Guidelines for using a neti pot, or other nasal lavage pot.

Informational, Water & Hydration
Some good reasons to be drinking an adequate amount of water daily.

Informational, Probiotics
General benefits of probiotic supplementation.

Epsom Salt Bath
Instruction for therapeutic epsom salt baths.

Contrast Showers
Contrast showers are used to stimulate the immune system, and for supporting body cleansing.

Castor Oil Pack
An old Edgar Cayce treatment to support cleansing, help with coughs and colds, constipation and a variety of other conditions.