It takes three weeks to make a habit and three weeks to break a habit. If you are looking to make some healthier lifestyle changes, a cleanse is a great way to start.

Dr. Riley believes that there are (5) important elements to a quality cleanse.

  1. Diet: An elimination diet to reduce load on the body and allow cleansing.
  2. Hydration: Adequate water intake to ensure elimination of water soluble toxins.
  3. Exercise: Daily exercise to ensure sweating and mobilization of toxins across the skin and lungs.
  4. Physical Medicine: Daily treatments that open up the pathways for elimination.
  5. Supplementation: Targeted supplements to support cleansing and elimination.

Dr. Riley offers multiple cleanses to meet your needs. Each cleanse includes a 15-minutes consult with Dr. Riley to ensure your program is right for you. It also includes all the supplements for each basic 21-day or 14-day cleanse program, materials for your physical medicine treatments, detailed instructions for the cleanse, weekly topics to reduce common exposures in your world and one B12 shot.

Please call the office at (530)536-5066 for more information.