Heather Sallan

I have been seeing Dr. Stephenie Riley for approximately 9 years for various things. When something is off balance in my body or immune system she is the first call I will make to determine a course of action. I believe that her total body approach to health and well being gives me a tremendous amount of confidence toward resolution of the things that I see her for. Several years ago I had been very sick for several months and had been on a tremendous amount of antibiotics. When I was physically doing better, as a result of, or perhaps in addition to my health issues I had experienced, I had many physical affects that I could not solve. I had constant rashes on my torso and down my arms, and a heavy metallic taste in my mouth, I also experienced intense blood sugar crashes, which led to sugar and caffeine cravings for energy. I did a 30-day cleanse with Dr. Stephenie Riley that changed everything about how my body worked. When I was done with the cleanse (which allows for plenty of food) I no longer had any of the previous side affects noted above. I developed energy, and vibrancy in my life again. When I have any questions or concerns, Dr. Riley is my first line of defense if I truly want to solve a problem and not band aid it. I live in Reno, Nevada, and send friends and family to her in Lake Tahoe, because I trust that she has my best interest toward health and healing in mind.