Practice & Approach

Leading you to the highest state of wellness.

Life is a series of paths. Our actions, attitude and lifestyle determine which paths we take. Along the way, many of us may lose our sense of direction. Dr. Riley has spent a career out of helping patients find the right path toward a healthier state of mind and a better way of life.

Because Dr. Riley’s background is rooted in traditional healthcare, she has a clear understanding of the scientific approach to modern medicine. This knowledge, combined with her passion for naturopathic medicine, gives Dr. Riley a unique perspective on the body’s natural healing process.

Through this integrative approach, she is able to tailor healing practices to your specific needs. Although there are common foundations, she provides individualized diagnosis and treatment that concentrate on the whole person, not simply a set of symptoms.

She places great emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes, as these are the changes patients carry forward into their lives and can employ on a daily basis. Work can range from simple consultations on diet, lifestyle and supplementation to performing blood work and using naturopathic guidelines for interpretation. Additional patient services include annual exams, well child visits, managing acute symptoms such as ear infections or sore throats, and more.

Dr. Riley is also trained in Cranial Sacral and Visceral Manipulation, as well as Nalbudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET). This is used to treat allergies and sensitivities through a combination of applied kinesiology and acupressure.

Whatever your ailments or health concerns, Dr. Riley is here to guide you back to the road of good health.