The Butlers

Kay and I found your lecture very helpful because you demonstrated how, by embracing a holistic set of values, rules and foods, one can uniquely benefit by having a healthy body and mind and a better quality of life.

Heather S.

Dr. Stephenie Riley has been instrumental in getting my family’s health back on track.  Dr. Riley looked at our whole health picture and figured out the root of the problem.  With Cranial/Visceral work and learning our individual food intolerances’ and sensitivities, we now are feeling so much better.  I feel so fortunate to have found her.

Heather Sallan

I have been seeing Dr. Stephenie Riley for approximately 9 years for various things. When something is off balance in my body or immune system she is the first call I will make to determine a course of action. I believe that her total body approach to health and well being gives me a tremendous amount of confidence toward resolution of the things that I see her for. Several years ago I had been very sick for several months and had been on a tremendous amount of antibiotics. When I was physically doing better, as a result of, or perhaps in addition to my health issues I had experienced, I had many physical affects that I could not solve. I had constant rashes on my torso and down my arms, and a heavy metallic taste in my mouth, I also experienced intense blood sugar crashes, which led to sugar and caffeine cravings for energy. I did a 30-day cleanse with Dr. Stephenie Riley that changed everything about how my body worked. When I was done with the cleanse (which allows for plenty of food) I no longer had any of the previous side affects noted above. I developed energy, and vibrancy in my life again. When I have any questions or concerns, Dr. Riley is my first line of defense if I truly want to solve a problem and not band aid it. I live in Reno, Nevada, and send friends and family to her in Lake Tahoe, because I trust that she has my best interest toward health and healing in mind.

The Gillespie Family

Stephenie has been our family's trusted health care provider for a number of years. She was the first doctor to make us aware of our daughter's food allergy – a defining moment for our family and one which changed our daughter's life for the better. She has always gone the extra mile to help us with any health concerns or questions we have, and we appreciate her thoroughness, breadth of knowledge and the integrity she brings to her practice.

We are very lucky to have Stephenie in our community and in our lives.

Jeff Sallan

When Stephenie asked me to do her cleanse and described the process to me I was overwhelmed with the thought of the discipline it would take. I continued forward with the process and scheduled an appointment with her at her office. I was amazed at the detailed nature and total body approach she used in evaluating my health. It made me see that traditional medical systems fall way short in overall health. She was so expertly tuned to what would make a difference for me and I felt very confident that if I followed her program I would see results. She brilliantly added a weekly support system to her program that helped with accountability and was fun. In short her cleanse changed every aspect of how I eat, plan exercise and maintain fitness. I had never slept better or felt more at ease.

Stephenie is an exceptional person with masterful skill in the area of health she loves -- I trust her completely.