Consulting Services

Take the first step toward a better tomorrow.

For many, Naturopathic Medicine can be a life-changing experience. Once certain specific health goals are reached, many patients wonder how they can maintain these goals through daily lifestyle choices and share the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine with others, such as their family or work group. Dr. Riley’s consulting services can provide a solution to these goals.

Family Consultation

There are many basic tenets of healthy living that can apply to your entire family. Dr. Riley is available to meet with you and your family to discuss topics ranging from healthier lifestyle choices to basic diet advice. She can even conduct an in-home product evaluation on products used in the home (see “Health at Home” Consultation below).

A single consultation with one family member can be extremely beneficial, as the principles learned can be passed on to other family members. However, Dr. Riley recommends that, if possible, the entire family unit be present during the consultation to ensure the most accurate information is relayed to each member of the family and individualized needs are properly addressed. Whatever your family’s health status, Dr. Riley is happy to work with you to meet your goals.

Group or Corporate Consultation

Bringing better health into a group or corporate environment is a great way to expand the horizons of those who attend. Dr. Riley will coordinate with you to create a presentation on any number of health-related topics as they relate to your organization’s needs. A corporate consultation may involve a single day or 2-3 day event, and allows Dr. Riley to cover a broad range of general principles and approaches. Depending on the size of the group and scope of topics to be covered, individualized discussions may be available within an event, as well as one-on-one follow-up opportunities.

“Health at Home” Consultation

The “Health at Home” Consultation is a walking home tour, in which Dr. Riley visits your home and does a guided walk-through home environmental consultation. By examining the products you use and consume every day, Dr. Riley can encourage healthier grocery shopping habits, identify possible toxin sources, and provide new ways to improve your health at home.

 Out-of-Town Consultation

Not local? Not to worry. Dr. Riley also specializes in treating patients who live outside the Tahoe area. Many patients hail from the Bay Area or cities throughout California.

Typically, out-of-town patients do begin the process with an initial in-office consultation, with follow-up treatments discussed and services conducted via phone consultations, as needed.

To make an appointment or for more information about the consulting services offered at the Tahoe Center of Natural Medicine, contact Dr. Riley practice today by clicking here.